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Welcome to VT Cosmetics

We currently offer K-Beauty Leading Brand from VT Cosmetics.

Our selections include skincare products such as CICA, Super Hyalon and Progloss. Our makeup collection incorporates products from the VTxBTS collaboration, BT21 and many more.

VT Cosmetics presents beauty products in trend with Innovative Skin Science Technology, Sensational Color and Stylish Design.


VTXBTS Signature Hand Collection

Signature Hand Cream blended with L’ATELIER des SUBTILS SIGNATURE Perfume which gently and softly wraps dry skin while fulfilling the moment with abundance of scent.


Frederic Burtin

Fragrance & Cosmetic Designer

1990-1994 Guerlain Research Lab
Prospective Chemist

1995-2003 LVMH
Head Chemist
Idea Provider and Project Manager
Creative innovation formulas and lineup with brand founder

Institut Tres Bien Niche Frangrance Brand
Founder & Owner

EXPERIS Frangrance & Cosmetics Design Studio and Lab Founder & Owner